StopBit Overview

My teen-aged son, Max, routinely bit his thumb knuckle to the point where he broke the skin resulting in calluses. He didn’t want to engage in this habit, but found it difficult to quit.

I noticed that this behavior mostly occurred when he was doing homework, working on his laptop, or engaged in similar activities. I realized that he was not even aware he was doing it. Max told me that he believed he could stop biting his fingers and his nails if he was more cognizant of when he was doing it. As a concerned parent, i would tell Max to “stop it” when i saw him engaged in the behavior. Max appreciated my reminders. It was very helpful, but of course, I couldn’t always be around to remind him. I thought, if only there was a way he could be automatically reminded when he was biting his knuckle. This is how I came up with the idea for StopBit.

StopBit uses motion sensing technology housed in a fitness tracker-like wristband that offers a gentle vibration when the hand is raised to the head and face.. Now, whenever Max moves his hand to his mouth, he feels a vibration which reminds him to stop biting. I don’t have to be with him to say, “stop it!”. It is simple behavior modification.

After extensive research, Max and I learned that millions of people also engage in body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) involving the face and head. Our solution that helped Max stop biting his knuckle and his nails would help others who bite their nails, pull their hair or pick at their skin on or around their face.

We hope that StopBit helps you or the ones you love the way it helped Max. You don’t have to live with these unwanted habits and behaviors. For many, being aware that you are engaged in the behavior and be given a discrete reminder to stop can be the solution you have been seeking. We hope you’ll give StopBit a try and tell us about your story.

– Mark Prosperi / Founder & Concerned Parent